Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rich in Friendships

Being rich is a very relative word I am finding. What does that mean? Having money? How much? A full life- what does that consist of? Having meaning to life or having a purpose to life? Food for thought....I find much of my richness comes from my friendships.

Some friends have made us “rich” materially these past 8 months in Canada. Oh OK! Maybe not rich but certainly well looked after. Food, clothes, houses, even money to make a special valentine escape.

Others have made us rich emotionally. A few younger folk have found us relevant and want to learn from our experience- I guess we all want to be needed and not feel like dinosaurs. We have been affirmed both privately and publicly. I think every soul needs that! Our son in law asked us to live with them for a few months- how rich is that!

And then we have been made richer spiritually. We just came from visiting friends where the wife is battling cancer. They lost their young son to cancer only 4 years ago. As we sat around the table and talked, their unshakable faith in a good God moved me to tears. They know God in ways I long to know Him. Their perspective of life is wider, deeper and higher than mine. Friends like this give me a more accurate picture of who God is.

Thank You God for the riches I have from these friendships!