Saturday, March 14, 2009

Limitations of Technology

If someone wanted to clone me (not sure why they would want to!) or find out anything about me all they have to do is investigate what is on my computer. They will see my family, musings, letters, business world, passwords, devotional notes and prayer diary, poems and songs, pictures and my recipes. When the electricity is cut and my battery runs out I have nothing to do it seems. Anything I think of to do, is all on my machine! How sad!

Much of my relationships now are cultivated through facebook, e mails, skype calls and the such, because of the travel demand from my work presently. How safe or good is that? I am wondering? I NEVER want to loose the face to face, the touch, the warmth of just being in a good friend’s presence, or finding a resolution to a misunderstanding without being there in person if possible. The smiley face characters cannot replace the real thing! So much of communication is unspoken and needs to be seen and felt, not just heard.

I am fighting the danger of just keeping relationships “the easy way”- chatting on the phone, skype calling etc. I am needing to convince myself again and again that the walk to someone’s office or a jeepney ride to a restaurant to meet a friend or even a flight to be with someone is so WORTH it!

May I never replace technology for human touch! How about you?