Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't let anyone look down on you because...

Ever heard of Susan Boyle? If you haven't it means you haven't watched TV, not seem U Tube for some time and hadn't had time to check people's blogs and face book because everyone is talking about her. This middle aged English lady who lives with her cat and mother, looks like everyone's village neighbor. Her hair is thinning, her figure is round and no one would look at her twice at the grocery store check out line. Yet she had the courage to step onto the stage of "Britain's got talent" TV reality show. The crowd and judges smirked as they watch her step up to the mike and tell them she would sing for them. Some outright laughed as they waited to see her making a fool of herself.

As she sang the first few notes, all laughter stopped, jaws opened and eyes widened in disbelief. Within a few bars of the song, people were clapping and on their feet in admiration and shock. She became an instant world celebrity in that moment.

What was the difference between the Susan coming onto the stage and the one leaving? She was the same person but the world were seeing her very differently. I like the verse in the Bible that says I Tim :12 "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example..."

Do you ever feel people really don't know you? In fact, do you sometimes feel people are looking down on you because ________? You fill in the blank. maybe you are looking down on yourself because ________?

God has given all of us gifts and abilities- he is not surprised when we start using them! We might surprise others and even ourselves! Isn't is affirming that when we "walk onto the stage" of using our gifts, God is already on his feet applauding.