Thursday, October 30, 2008

Windows of the Soul

One of my all time favorite books is Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire. He gave me the inspiration to look into the many windows in my life that display God!

“If such things as art galleries exist in heaven, certainly the picture of the widow’s offering is hanging there in a prominent place, for it was one of those secret acts of devotion that Christ referred to, something sacred that the Father saw and treasured….The Temple, which for so long had been a sacred place, had become a streetside gallery of religious display. Lost behind the clutter of ornately framed gestures was a pencil sketch of a poor widow’s soul. Not until Jesus pulled it out and put a frame around it did the disciples even realize it was there. Once they did, though, they sensed it was a sacred picture, revealing to them a window and showing them what was dear to God.”

I am no artist- I have sisters who are! But as I make myself more acutely aware of looking around God’s gallery and seeing what he frames (and what he does not), then I get a glimpse of what is important to God.

Lately in the mornings he has framed the non descript little sparrows that hop outside our window. Then in the evening he frames the multi hued gilded clouds of a Manila sunset. During the day he captures wafts of breeze that cool the sweat on my face, sets a family living in a cart on the sidewalk into a framed pencil sketch and splatters my day with loved ones affirmation.

I hope I will never cease to be amazed standing in God’s art gallery. Which picture are you pondering over right now?E is framingHe deems to frame ( and what he does not!)he

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yeshua and me

Doing what I love- being grandma!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Transformation Garden

recommended by Jill Briscoe's Magazine "just between us"

Transformation Garden - A place where women are encouraged to thrive by cultivating the seeds of healing that have been placed within our reach. View our daily exploration and prayer requests into the lives of real women across the world.

Talk & Tranquility
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"A non-denominational website designed to encourage women in their walk with Jesus."

If this looks like your place to get away and be quiet in your busy day log on to the sight at

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Cart People

I see them from my window and this morning I walked through their midst. The cart people who live on a street near us. Their 6-8 feet wooden carts are their livelihood and their life. They are our area’s recyclers. They go through the garbage looking for wires, cardboard, bottles, steel, iron, soda cans and anything else that may bring a few pesos at the end of the day. A few of the kids may be lucky and find half a banana or a few chippies at the bottom of a bag someone threw away. A young man may find cigarette stubs that he savors as he lights up and feels “like anyone else” and not like he is- street dirt poor. At night they have emptied their wooden carts of recyclables and it becomes the instant bed for the family. During the day, the ones watching the stuff at the “camp site” find shade from the trees or an old tarp nailed to a nearby wall or tree.

As I walked by this morning the “community was abuzz”. A dad had a baby on his knees giving him a bath under a community tap. Two ladies were sorting the already full carts of “merchandise”. Another lady was washing clothes in a small broken plastic basin. One little tyke probably 3 or 4 played with a stick making circles in the muddy stream that was running down the street- a stream full of soapy water and from the smell, someone’s overfull sewage. Another youngster was face down on the sidewalk watching her older brother play in the stream- both stark naked. Another young man was in the grassy part of the median between the street laying out the day’s laundry to dry in the sun.

The only thing any of the young children are wearing was the amulet on a string around their neck to ward off evil spirits. Life as lived on the sidewalk in Manila.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Who will take their place

I have just hit the delete button on our partner database for 4 prayer partners. 3 are with the Lord and one has Alzheimer so cannot of course pray as he did. Wow, 4 in a few days! That is a lot of prayer NOT done because these people really did pray- not just give lip service to it. So I wonder who God is tapping on their heart and saying, "You child. I want you to take up the baton of prayer from these dear saints. I am calling you to this high purpose in life to pray for the nations. I am asking you to stand in the gap. You cannot go and bring the gospel in person, but you can touch anyone, anywhere with me on your knees through prayer." This is not to put false guilt on anyone. Just a cry of help. Will you listen and see if you are part of that answer?