Friday, November 28, 2008


Some may call it coincidence, I prefer to call it tracing God’s hand in putting a picture together, piece by piece. I have been asked to take on a new role. My first reaction was “No way, I have enough on my plate and feel quite stretched already!” But I promised to pray about it and after several weeks, felt I should say that I would be willing to tackle it.

If I took on this more-expanded-job, I would need some help in the job I already have. One of the first people I skyped seemed ready for my question before I asked. He and his wife had been feeling that they needed to stream line into one direction, for about a week already. And the direction was in helping in what I am doing!

One of the most overwhelming parts of the job I have now is the administration load. Two people have already said they would and are helping carry that load!

As I have been praying and thinking through this new job, ideas have been bombarding my thoughts day and night. LOTS yet to learn, but the learning seems like something I will enjoy.

We bought a new book called Axiom by Bill Hybel and I have been reading a bit each day. Almost every day God has used that book to speak into the different questions or doubts I have had concerning this new job.

Family, friends and colleagues have all given me their confidence vote!

There are still many pieces missing to clearly see the big picture but there are enough pieces in place that I am starting to see the shape. Coincidence? Nah! Just pieces coming together and I can’t wait for the next one!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am reading Philip Yancey’s book on Prayer: Does it make difference. A good provocative read.

Prayer is vital to me, yet it is one of the biggest mysteries I have concerning my faith walk with Christ. I continue to grapple with how prayer affects my walk with God and God’s working in my life and in the world around me.

Eugene Peterson says it this way

“My grammar book said, “The middle voice is that use of the verb which describes the subjects as participating in the results of the action.” I read that now, and it reads like a description of Christian prayer- “the subject as participating in the results of the action.” I do not control the action: that is a pagan concept of prayer, putting the gods to work by my incantations or rituals. I am not controlled by the action: that is a Hindu concept of prayer in which I slump passively into the impersonal and fated will of gods and goddesses. I enter into the action begun by another, my creating and saving Lord, and find myself participating in the results of the action. I neither do it, nor have it done to me; I will to participate in what is willed.

As I continue to try to understand prayer there is one thing I know for certain. Prayer is commanded by my Lord so I am all the more determined to pray and keep asking for prayer; working in partnership with my Savior and Creator.