Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a dose of sunshine can do

I just did something I haven’t allowed myself to do since I got back to Canada. I dropped everything, set up a camping chair in the back yard, put my feet up and soaked in some sunshine. There are two reasons why I haven’t done this till now. There wasn’t the opportunity and there wasn’t enough WARM sunshine! I am home today working at my computer for upcoming meetings. I hardly realized the sunshine was there and warming up till it started tickling my back from the window. The warmth made me smile, then I closed my eyes and let it massage my back. I finally gave in and went outside.

I settled down into the chair and my heart beat started slowing down. I looked out over the beautiful lawn and trees and realized that our Creator has used so many greens that no crayon box could duplicate. At first all I could hear was the traffic on the street below then I heard the birds. Warbling, chirping and cawing in dialogue, once in a while flying out to visit each other in the tops of the trees. The sun rays penetrated deep into my bones yet the occasional cool breeze kept me from getting too hot. I felt tingly and relaxed as I do after a good Thai massage! I closed my eyes and slept.

In the stressful, busy lives we live we often feel we can’t stop, like the little gerbil on the wheel that he runs on. He doesn’t realize it is only spinning because he is making it spin as he runs on it. I know this is simplifying things too much, but I do know that the last half hour break in the sun made my wheel stop for a short while and refreshed me.

Go ahead. Go outside and see what the sunshine can do for you!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reconnecting to Canada

There is nothing like…

The warmth of a loved one’s embrace after a long absence

A belly laugh over good memories shared over a picnic supper

Talking face to face with friends rather than the impersonal e mail connection

The smell of newly mowed grass

The mighty power of the great Niagara Falls

Not standing out in a crowd because I don’t have honey colored skin and shiny black hair

Taking a deep, deep breath of clean fresh air

Watching commercials I have never seen before

The burst of familiar flavor eating a fresh strawberry

Sleeping under a snuggly comforter

Getting behind the wheel of my car as the driver after 3 years

For the next few months I am going to enjoy being back home in Canada!